Roadtrip Music Spring 2012

Over about 36 hours of driving through South Africa, in particular the rural Karoo and Free State areas, I had the opportunity to review various mixes on an ipod.

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I particularly enjoyed listening to the following mixes, unfortunately some of them have disappeared from artist profile pages.

Anyer Quantum - Digital Diamonds Mix

Arnika - Freeform Human

Bad Tango - August 2012 Promo

Bassmyth - two mixes

DJ Smokealot - Skydive

DopplerDefect - Psychedelic Starlight Terrace II

Hedflux - two mixes

Ishkur - Pure Trance

Unknown - Final Mix_.mp3
(thought it was Liam Shy, but not finding the download)

Magnet! - A Pleasant Psyprise

also Magnet! - Sunday Morning Antics mix (since offline)

MarkJ - multiple mixes

Max Bett - two mixes

Mishima - Mr Toast

Mr Rogers - The Doramey Fossillotti
(you’ll have to hunt for this online)

Neelix - Mainstreaming
(since gone from soundcloud page)

Pieman - Black Gloss Mix

Prefix - recorded set from Fu Cha party Spring 2012

I might have missed a mix or two, but most of the ones I remember enjoying while driving are listed above.


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